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'Loyalty generator' coupon dispensers next for NFC technology

This new analytics platform is able to understand customers and provide recommendations to drive their purchases

A chain of Russian premium supermarkets is trialling NFC shopping technology that provides loyalty coupons at the front of the store. Shoppers at the three Land chain's stores can opt-in to get loyalty coupons and recommendations on products on their NFC smartphone. Coupons are sent by loyalty generator machines by high-tech firm Synqera. Then at checkout, customers use the NFC-enabled payment devices to simply tap their loyalty card against the devices and print out loyalty coupons and recommendations as well. The machines feature an interactive touchscreen and are able to create shopping lists based on predictive analytics that includes customer profile analysis, individual shopping history, time and day. Lists can be themed and include real-time information on products. At checkout, customers can pay by mobile wallet or plastic contactless card. To read full story, go here.

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