In loyalty, which program is the fastest to reward?

A new study looks which loyalty program is the quickest to deliver when it comes to awards

With so many loyalty programs out there, which ones are the fastest to award?

That's what a new study by Environics, Laval University and Queen's School of Business, set out to discover by creating an algorithm to determine how long it would take different loyalty programs (the top 22 in Canada) to deliver a $100 benefit (in travel rewards, cash equivalent rewards, and merchandise rewards.

The results can be found in the report Reframing the Conversation on Loyalty Programs in Canada.

The researchers also created an online tool for consumers to see which Canadian loyalty programs earn rewards fastest.

The study found retailer or bank-issued credit cards tend to result in the fastest reward times for cash and merchandise.

For example, the Target RBC Mastercard delivered $100 in cash equivalents in two months.

Research shows the average Canadian household is enrolled in 8.2 loyalty programs.

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