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Maintain bone health with nutrient-rich foods

Support strong bones with a daily single-serving of California Prunes
A woman holding a bowl of yogurt with prunes on top
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In Canada, there are over 2.3 million individuals living with Osteoporosis (2023)1. While bone health is important throughout all stages of life, childhood and adolescence are significant as bones continue to increase in density until age 30. While generally stabilized throughout adulthood, bone density can begin to decrease around age 50**. Through a lifelong combination of integrating quality, nutrient-rich ingredients into one’s diet paired with routine exercise, it can help play a role in building and maintaining strong, healthy bones, which is essential to overall health and longevity.


California Prunes provide a wide array of bone-protecting nutrients such as vitamin k and the minerals manganese, potassium, copper, and boron, which work together to promote good bone health.  Researchers*** monitoring bone mineral density in osteopenic and postmenopausal women found that consuming a single serving of 5-6 prunes, may be useful for bone health by acting to slow bone loss. Prunes are an extremely versatile under-the-radar superfood making them the ideal ingredient to integrate into recipes for enhanced health benefits.

Beyond supporting bone health and their delicious earthy-chewy taste, California Prunes are a nutrient-rich ingredient that provide exceptional benefits for one’s overall health. Prunes are the ideal ingredient for health-conscious shoppers because of their many benefits including: 

  • Health: An excellent source of important nutrients which form a web of vital functions that support bone, gut and heart health and the immune system.
  • Versatility: Whole, diced, or pureed, prunes are complementary to proteins and grains, on salads and cereals, and in sauces and baked goods.
  • Quality: They are unlike any other prunes in the world due to their world-famous growing conditions, the highest quality agricultural standards of any other nation, generations of expert craftsmanship, and a perfected drying system.

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1. According to Osteoporosis Canada, Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue, which can lead to increased risk of fracture.

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