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Manitoba eyes looser holiday shopping rules

Premiere says the government is reviewing changes and will have more to say on the matter closer to the provincial election

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says his Progressive Conservative government is considering loosening the law that limits store openings on some holidays.

Pallister says he agrees with a grocery store owner who has complained that there is a contradiction in allowing casinos and liquor stores to open while forcing grocers and others to close.

Pallister is not making any promises but says the government is reviewing possible changes and he would personally like to let municipalities set their own rules.

A Winnipeg family that owns five small grocery stores was cited this year for opening on Good Friday and is expecting another citation after opening on Canada Day.

Ramsey Zeid says he and his family plan to continue opening on holidays in defiance of the law, which he calls among the strictest in Canada.

Pallister hinted that he may have more to say closer to the provincial election on Sept. 10.

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