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Manitobans shouldn't look far for healthy food

New study shows Manitobans should eat more homegrown functional foods

Changing your eating habits won't only improve your health - it can help benefit the province you live in as well.

According to a new study, Manitoba's health care system could see potential savings of up to $400 million if Manitobans ate more homegrown, functional foods.

The study, titled Economic Impact to Manitoba of Increased Adoption of Healthy Food and Food Ingredients for Chronic Disease Management and Mitigation found if Manitobans change tehir eating habits, the province could see a reduction of more than 10% in annual health costs.

The study was sponsored by the Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network (MAHRN), which looks at the health-related costs of food ingredients from crops grown in Manitoba.

The organization says according to their research, Manitoba has rich soil and its producers select seeds that are best adapted to the province's environment. Foods made from these crops may enhance its benefits.

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