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MARTINI® Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo

MARTINI® Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo


MARTINI® Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo is a premium non-alcoholic aperitivo, made for those times when consumers choose not to drink alcohol but still want to enjoy a sophisticated and refreshing tasting drink. Taking the same quality wines that are used in classic vermouths, the alcohol is gently removed and infused with a selection of botanicals, made with natural flavour. MARTINI® Non-Alcoholic Vibrante is a masterful blend of natural botanicals containing less than 0.5% vol alcohol, with Italian Bergamot to create a fruity aperitivo. With over 150 years of know-how, MARTINI Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo has taste complexity and a unique flavour profile which is versatile for enjoyment in mixed drinks, cocktails or on its own.

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