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McCormick forecasts flavours to watch in 2015

Spice and seasonings maker chooses eight trends in annual Flavour Forecast report

McCormick & Company, makers of spices and seasonings, unveiled their predictions for 2015′s top flavour trends this week.

The company’s “Flavour Forecast” report identifies eight emerging trends, which the company says help drive flavour innovation and exploration throughout the food industry.

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Michael Cloutier, executive corproate chef at McCormick in Canada, told Canadian Grocer in 2013 that McCormick’s Flavour Forecast takes a year to put together and involves experts from around the world.

"Many of our past predictions may have seemed unfamiliar at the time, but today they're favourite flavours," said Cloutier in a press release. "Take chipotle chili for instance – when we first identified the smoked pepper as a flavour to watch in 2003, many people couldn't pronounce it. Today, it's a household name."

For 2014, McCormick predicted chiles, modern masala, compact cooking, Mexican flavours and Brazilian ingredients to drive the future of flavour.

See their pics for 2015 below:

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