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McCormick unveils 2024 Flavor of the Year, Flavor Forecast

Brand predicts which culinary trends will dominate the food world next year
mccormick flavour of the year 2024
Photography courtesy McCormick

McCormick is calling tamarind – an acidic, tangy-sweet spice native to Africa, India and the Middle East – its 2024 Flavor of the Year.

The brand released its 24th Flavor Forecast Wednesday (Dec. 6), delving into the latest culinary trends. 

McCormick’s Flavor of the Year can be found in its new Tamarind and Pasilla Chile Seasoning. It will also be featured in several limited-edition menu items at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer nationally in February.

Other predictions identified in the annual report include: heightened popularity of acidic agents from tamarind to coconut vinegar; conscious cultural combinations; and indulgent habits, as seen in the “newstalgic” trend (re-imagining childhood favourites) and food maximalism (layering flavours and textures). 

"For nearly 25 years, McCormick has forecasted global flavour trends through our Flavor Forecast report. After all this time, there is still no shortage of trends to uncover which allow us to continue to shake up the way people cook, flavour and eat," said Tabata Gomez, chief marketing officer at McCormick, in a statement. 

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