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Meatless Farm providing Ontarians with more plant-based options than ever before

New range of plant-based products now available at 130 Metro locations across Ontario

Metro locations are now offering Meatless Farm’s range of plant-based products, including meat-free ground, burgers, breakfast sausages and sausage patties to customers across Ontario. The products are now available at all 130 locations across the province.

The plant-based revolution is well underway, and with the pandemic bringing to light the importance of healthy habits, providing consumers with more choice to incorporate plant-based options into their diet has never been more important.

Making small changes to our everyday routine to remain physically and mentally healthy is a great first step in staying on-track. For those looking to make dietary changes, Meatless Farm is making it easy with their delicious and nutritious shopping list essentials.

Reflecting changing habits

According to research conducted in early 2020 with online Canadian members of the Angus Reid Forum, Meatless Farm found that 33 per cent of Canadians made a resolution to reduce meat consumption within the year. The survey also found that while 77 per cent of Canadians understood the damaging environmental impact of eating meat, only 38 per cent had decreased meat consumption in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Meatless Farm believes that it’s critical to bridge the gap for customers as much as possible by creating unique and ethical products. This is why earlier this year, the company announced the launch of Lovingly Made Ingredients, its first dedicated plant protein ingredients subsidiary in Calgary. This new facility is the first-of-its-kind of this scale and one of the company’s biggest investments to date, with the capability to provide textured plant protein for all Meatless Farm products around the world. Together, these announcements demonstrate the company’s commitment to expand in the Canadian market and provide consumers with increased flexibility within the plant-based food category.

Challenging Canadians to make the swap

Meatless Farm’s new product line provides consumers with a diverse range of plant-based options made using non-GMO, allergen-free ingredients. Through the product line, the company is challenging Canadians to make a once-weekly swap to plant-based, which has significant health and environmental benefits. In fact, making the once-weekly switch would reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions by 30 million tonnes – the equivalent to taking 6 million cars off the road.

Meatless Farm is committed to creating delicious options that Canadians will love for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and would love to hear your thoughts – feel free to send your feedback at

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