Metro invests $7 million in Rimouski renovation

Renovations on top of $25 million spent on other area Metro stores

Metro says it will spend $7 million to renovate the Rimouski Metro Plus located in the lower St. Lawrence region of Quebec.

The investment will help modernize and expand the store's services and products, which haven't been touched since the store was first opened 22 years ago.

The investment is in addition to the $25 million Metro has already spent on its network of 11 stores in the lower St. Lawrence region.

Additions at the Rimouski store include a juice counter, floral boutique, artisan cheese counter, a room for aging beef, a fish smokehouse, a section of homemade beer as well as a bakery with artisan breads and a bread slicer on-site.

The Rimouski location will remain open while renovations take place. Construction is expected to be completed this September.

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