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Metro & moi loyalty program celebrates first anniversary


As Metro’s rewards program in Quebec marks its first anniversary, more than one million members have been able to save a total of $26 million on their grocery bills.

"Our program has surpassed our initial objectives in terms of memberships, percentage of transactions made with the card and customers' average grocery bills," said Marc Giroux, vice-president, marketing, Metro said in a release.

The program was developed in response to a 2009 survey of Metro customers who said they wanted a generous and straightforward rewards program that allowed them to save money on their grocery bill.

Metro & moi members accumulate one “m” point for each dollar spent on groceries and have access to bonus offers in-store and in the flyer, enabling them to accumulate points even faster.

And every three months, the “m” points are automatically converted into rewards and sent by mail to program members, who also receive customized offers on their favourite products.

Of those surveyed by Metro, 93 per cent of Metro & moi members said they were happy with the program.

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