Metro's app update makes reward redemption easier

Metro & Moi members can load their points onto their app and redeem in store

Members of Metro’s Metro & Moi loyalty program in Quebec can now redeem their accumulated points using their My Metro mobile app. 

The company has been working toward this feature since putting Metro & Moi on a web and mobile platform, the My Metro app, in 2013. (Outside Quebec, Metro’s loyalty focus is on the Air Miles program.)

“From the start, it was our vision to include this feature,” said Gino Plevano, vice-president of digital strategy and loyalty at Metro. “However, we had to go step by step as there was much to do back in 2013.” 

The loyalty program was first launched in 2010 with members getting a point for each dollar spent at Metro. Each quarter the points were converted into a dollar value ($500 spent in Metro equals $4 in rewards though members also receive personalized coupons as bonus points) and paper “cheques” for that amount were mailed out to members. 

Now those points and equivalent rewards can be loaded directly onto the My Metro app and redeemed in store. The redemption rate of the paper reward cheques was high, said Plevano, but allowing customers to redeem their rewards with their smartphones “would improve the consumer experience.”

The mobile option represents a “milestone moment in the company’s digital and personalization strategies,” he said.

“Our vision is to facilitate the consumer experience,” he said. “All digital initiatives are implemented with the hope to simplify and improve the life of our clients, which will have a direct positive impact on consumer loyalty.” 

The new feature also fits with the chain’s ecommerce platform introduced last year. 


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