Millennials make way for Gen Z

New generation more likely to eat healthy foods with fresh ingredients

It's time to forget about millennials – Gen Z is the wave of the future.

Food marketers are putting Generation Y  aside, opting instead to decode what an even younger consumer is craving.

A new report by NPD Group, a market research group, says Generation Z is more likely to eat fresh meals made at home.

The report predicts salads, quick-assembly meals and savoury snacks will resonate well with the next generation. They're likely to use stove tops rather than microwaves because they prefer being more involved when making food, and enjoy fresh ingredients.

On the other hand, consumption of simple or heat and eat breakfast foods are expected to drop.

These earnest youngsters are more likely to take the time to make homemake pancakes or French toast — quite the change from the convenience-loving Generation Y.

See the NPD's full report here.

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