Mobile usage in grocery growing fast and furious, says study

Shoppers are using their smartphones to grocery shop in record numbers, according to a new U.S.

With an estimated 250 and 300 million mobile devices on at any time in the U.S., it's not surprising that grocers and consumer goods copmanies are now implenting mobile campaigns.

The Mobile Audience Insights Report looked at 1,400 mobile users and found 70% of them have supermarket apps on their phones. And 64% use their phones to prepare shopping lists and shop in the supermarket.

David Staas of mobile ad platform JiWire, which backed the study, said in a report,“Now we can track where people shopped and what they bought, and we're seeing a big influx of CPG brands moving into mobile with big budgets."

JiWire's study found that 39% of smartphone users follow brands or post about them on social media. CPGs are now using the data smartphones provide–from geo-location data shopper profiles to better target consumer segments.

And how are CPGs most likely to reach consumers on their phones? Mobile ads work as almost three quarters of those surveyed said they'd likely to add a new product to their shopping list if they got one.

More suprising was that 47% said the ad on their phone would actually result in a purchase at the register.

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