Mondelez goes mobile, in a hurry

To reach consumers, CPG launches seven mobile marketing programs in 90 days

Around the world, consumer packaged goods makers are testing the waters of mobile. Mondelez, on the other hand, dove right in.

The snack company recently put seven mobile marketing programs into the field in just 90 days, by pairing up with a diverse group of tech start-ups.

In one pilot, Media Post reports, Mondelez’s Stride gum brand worked with Waze, a crowd-sourcing nagivation app to send smartphone users “unexpected” coupons for Stride gum redeemable at retail outlets nearby.

Another pilot involved Chips Ahoy cookies,, a social media TV startup, and Tonga, a social content start-up. The three worked together to provide college students with footage of March Madness with Chips Ahoy branding.

These pilots show the possibilities CPG brands might have to link mobile, social media and technology in a way that can boost brand awareness and, hopefully, grow sales.

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