Moneris CEO shares plan for growth

Angela Brown leads the major credit and debit card purchase processor

As the company that processes many of the debit and credit card purchases in Canada, Moneris Solutions quietly and consistently works behind the scenes in our retail landscape.

The company's CEO, Angela Brown, keeps close tabs on how those purchases may change as new technologies make their pay onto the payment scene.

Leading the pack within these technologies is mobile--something that has opened up new possibilities in payment in a huge way (and one that Brown sees firsthand within her own family). In a recent Globe and Mail profile on the executive that covers both her professional and personal life, Brown says, "I don't consider getting my card out of my wallet that much of an imposition. But I can tell you--I have a 21-year-old and an 18-year-old and they often aren't sure where their wallet is, but they're always sure where their phone is."

The piece cites ABI Research that shows by 2019, more than 45 per cent of all retailers' points of sale will be on mobile devices, including tablets and phones.

To that end, Moneris is working with Apple as a mobility partner in Canada.

Used in roughly 350,000 North American merchant locations, Moneris has been lucky in that it hasn't faced a security breach--another area that's a big focus in the payments world right now. The company is constantly investing in its security, says Brown.

Born in Mississauga, Ont., Brown moved to the U.S. 15 years ago and now splits her time between her company's Toronto office and her home in Florida.

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