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Nestlé taps Canada for plant-based proteins

The global food giant has entered into a long-term partnership with Merit Functional Foods and Burcon Nutrascience
Mexican Chili made with plant-based Garden Gourmet Incredible Mince. Photo courtesy of Nestlé.

Canada's plant-based protein industry just got a major boost.

Winnipeg's Merit Functional Foods and Burcon Nutrascience in Vancouver signed a long-term agreement with Nestlé to provide the global food giant with plant-based ingredients for its dairy and meat alternatives. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

"Developing nutritious and great-tasting plant-based meat and dairy alternatives requires access to tasty, nutritious and sustainable raw materials as well as proprietary manufacturing technology," said Stefan Palzer, Nestlé chief Technology officer, in a press release. "The partnership with Burcon and Merit will give us access to unique expertise and a new range of high-quality ingredients for plant-based food and beverages."

Nestlé’s plant-based product range includes pea, soy- and wheat-based burger patties, sausages, mince meat, chicken filets and various prepared dishes. The company also developed pea and oat-based dairy alternatives, almond-, coconut- and oat-based creamers, plant-based coffee mixes as well as a range of non-dairy ice creams.

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