New book delves into the secrets of Amazon, and its CEO

Book talks about software that monitors other companies' prices to the ruthless corporate culture

It's clear that Amazon has gone from bookseller to the everything store.

The new book The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon provides an in-depth look at the inner workings of the online retailer and its founder.

In excerpts from the book in Business Week, author Brad Stone shows how the company relies on metrics to make almost every decision, from what process to use in fulfillment centres to waht features to implement or kill on the site.

Even customers' e-mail complaints sent to Bezos can change the company's gameplan. The company researches each and every one of them because they provide insight into Amazon's processes.

Amazon's promise to consumers it that they won't find a cheaper friendlier place to get everything they need than Amazon.

The book also looks at how Amazon changed the way it accounted for inventory, from the last-in first-out system to first-in first-out, as well at Amazon's Competitive Intelligence team. This group is given the task of finding out if there are any rivals doing a better job than Amazon at the quality and speed of their services.

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