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A new grocery cart idea rolls in

Device can be added to existing carts to help lighten shoppers' loads

For grocery shoppers that break a sweat trying to steer their carts around a store, there may be hope it sight.

A new invention by an Israeli electrical engineer helps make heavy loads a lot easier to push. Avraham Hagay has created a motorized shopping cart that can push up to 265 pounds.

The cart is equipped with a speed throttle, battery power indicator and on/off switch, as reported in a Gizmag article.

Hagay's device can either be added onto standard grocery carts or fused into new carts. It is still very early days with this invention--Hagay doesn't have a business partner or his own company through which to manufacture the cart. He is working with a local cart importer in Israel that has pitched the device to supermarkets in the region.

Read the full story here.

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