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No monkey business at Cha’s Organics

Canada’s leading organic coconut milk brand guarantees their supply chain is free from monkey labour
Monkeys next to a can of Cha's coconut milk

A dedicated vegan brand, Cha’s Organics is committed to saving - not enslaving - wild animals. As part of their cruelty-free commitment, they guarantee that all coconuts used in their coconut milks and creams are sourced on fair terms from organic growers who never use monkey labour in the harvesting of their coconuts. 

Forced monkey labour is a growing concern among vegan and animal-loving consumers, who often choose coconut as a cruelty-free alternative to dairy, and who are appalled to discover that the true cost of so much of the coconut milk and other coconut-based products on the market is the enslavement of monkeys who are kidnapped as infants, chained, abused and exploited for up to 10 years before they’re discarded, unable to fend for themselves after a life in captivity. 

While sourcing coconuts picked by monkeys instead of fair trade certified growers who guarantee fair wages and safe working conditions would certainly be cheaper, Cha’s Organics has always opted for the latter and never once used monkey labour coconuts. That’s because Cha’s Organics exists not only for profit, but more importantly to make the world a better place for the people and animals who call this planet home. 

In the past two years, when international freight prices exploded to five times the usual price, many coconut milk importers moved their supply to less expensive regions frequently implicated in forced monkey labour. During this challenging time, Cha’s Organics stayed true to their dedicated monkey labour-free growers in Sri Lanka and never once turned to cheaper product from enslaved monkey labour to make up for lost profits. 

What’s more, since the launch of their premium and light coconut milks ten years ago, to present day with the addition of their lemongrass ginger and curry masala coconut milks, coconut cream and signature coconut whipping cream, Cha’s Organics has donated 1% of their sales - and later, as sales grew, 1% of their profits - from the sales of these products towards the protection of wild elephants in Sri Lanka. 

Over time, this “1% for the elephants” fund has helped finance an Ele-Friendly Bus that safely transports school children through an elephant corridor, the repair and rebuilding of critical infrastructure and schools in rural zones affected by the human-elephant conflict, capacity building and supply of raw materials for crop diversification to offset losses from elephant raids,  and the building and maintenance of electric fences as well as the planting of citrus tree fences around affected villages. All to prevent the killing of elephants in self-defence among communities threatened by their presence while finding innovative ways to empower these communities and help them thrive. 

In a world where the choices we make as consumers and industry leaders become increasingly critical yet complex, as we strive to create a better world for our families and future generations where humans and wildlife coexist harmoniously in abundant, regenerative ecosystems, Cha’s Organics is proud to offer better choices for coconut milk and cream that move us toward this goal one can at a time.




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