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Nutella and Tim Hortons get in spread with new deal

For a limited time, Nutella-filled baked goods are available at Tim Hortons

Nutella and Tim Hortons have signed a sweet deal that will see new Nutella-infused baked goods sold in Tim Hortons.

The products, which include a chocolate hazelnut doughnut and pastry pockets filled with the hazelnut spread, will be offered for a limited time. They will be available by this Wednesday to June 9 in Tim Hortons' Canadian restaurants, and in its U.S. restaurants from May 8 to Aug. 18.

The idea to incorporate Nutella into Tim Hortons' offerings was hatched at Canada's Ferrero Foodservice division. Donald Price, national account manager for North America Foodservice at the Ferrero Company, says his company sought the partnership since Tim Hortons is so well-known and vast in Canada and is also expanding in the U.S. "They are in places we could never get to," he adds. "Our penetration is very good in Quebec and Ontario; outside those provinces it's not as strong."

Ferrero's ultimate goal, says Price, is increasing brand awareness for Nutella throughout North America.

“We approached Tim Hortons in July 2013,” says Price. “We came to them with the brand Nutella, but it was Tim Hortons’ creative team that was able to .”

The only preference Ferrero had was that Nutella be used with morning offerings. “We wanted to look at something that could circle around the breakfast day ,” says Price.

In addition to the Nutella-filled doughnut and pastry pockets, the deal means customers can also get a Nutella spread packet when they order a bagel.

Price says Ferrero would like to see additional Nutella items appear on Tim Hortons' menu as the partnership grows. “This is just the beginning," he says. "At this point, I can say we’re confident this partnership will go well and we will see more Nutella items in months to come.”

Tim Hortons, for its part, says customers are already eating it up. “We are beyond thrilled with the reaction that we are getting in our restaurants,” says Michelle Robichaud, director of public affairs at Tim Hortons. While it is too early to share sales information on the new Nutella offerings, it seems as though others may be in the works. “While we can’t speak to future collaborations, we can tell you that we have lots of exciting innovation to share in the coming months,” says Robichaud.

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