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Online: a big opportunity for CPGs?

A Deloitte study finds many firms aren't ready for an e-commerce world

Among the reasons we’ve not seen a slew of online grocery services in North America is that industry executives believe that consumers aren’t really interested in buy milk, toothpaste and other consumables on the web.

However, a survey of consumers and consumer packaged goods executives by Deloitte suggests otherwise.

Consumers expect online grocery sales to grow at a much faster rate over the next three years than industry executives.

Deloitte also pinpointed a disconnect among industry executives. Ninety-two per cent agreed that e-commerce is a strategic sales channel, but only 3% of executives think their company has a clear understanding of e-commerce

“To successfully capitalize on the e-commerce channel, there are a number of critical steps C.P.G. companies can take,” Pat Conroy, vice-chairman of Deloitte, said.

“Executives first need to establish a clear and well-understood digital commerce strategy. They should collaborate with retailers and social media platforms, and build a single view of the consumer. In tandem with that approach, they need to foster and build a talent base within their organization that includes digital commerce skill-sets.”

The findings were published in a report, “Digital Commerce in the Supermarket Aisle.”

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