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Ontario to give all workers three paid sick days, reimburse businesses

After months of pressure, the province has unveiled a program for workers who need to self-isolate due to COVID-19
Shutterstock/Olivier Le Moal

Ontario will give all workers three paid sick days to help employees take time off to self-isolate during the pandemic.

Labour Minister Monte McNaughton announced the measure today after months of intense pressure from experts and advocates who've said sick leave would help reduce workplace outbreaks.

McNaughton said the province would reimburse employers up to $200 a day for what they pay out through the program.

He said the program--which will be administered through the Workplace Insurance and Safety Board--would be retroactive to April 19 and will end on Sept. 25.

The program will be created through a new bill the government was to introduce today, which still must be passed by the legislature.

Last week, Premier Doug Ford promised the province would implement its own sick-leave program after criticizing the federal government for not enhancing its Canadian Recovery Sickness Benefit.

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