Perplexing gum thefts give police unique problem to chew on

Large quantities of stolen gum prompt theories on the criminals' intent

Police and stores in Windsor and Essex County are facing a sticky situation as they try to find criminals that have stolen large volumes of chewing gum in the area.

Among the businesses that have been hit recently by gum theft are discount chain The Bargain! Shop and 7-Eleven locations. According to an article in The Windsor Star, The Bargain! Shop alone had 235 multi-packs stolen.

One theory is that the gum thefts could be related to sales on the black market; another (although less likely) theory is that the thefts could be connected to global organized crime.

Windsor Police Service spokesperson Sgt. Matthew D’Asti said there is no evidence to suggest the crimes are related to international crime gangs, adding that there is video footage of a young male putting gum in his knapsack in the Windsor stores.

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