Poll results: Are you prepared if Lidl lands in Canada?

As hard discounters move into the U.S., it's only a matter of time before they invade Canada

How about those hard discounters?

To much hype, Lidl has finally made its debut in the United States with the opening of 20 locations in June. The German-based grocer has ambitious plans to grow quickly and have 100 U.S. stores up and running by mid 2018. Some analysts say it’s only a matter of time before the European hard discounters, like Lidl and Aldi, look north to Canada. Should that happen, are you prepared?

We asked readers on CanadianGrocer.com:

How do you feel about the threat posed by Lidl if it lands in Canada?

  • 17% Not too bothered. We have a compelling offering that the hard discounters can't match.

  • 21% Don't know. I've heard about Lidl's impact in the U.K., but Canada is a different market.

  • 26% Somewhat worried, but competition just forces us to be better.

  • 36% Very worried. We're already competing in a tough environment, Lidl would add to our woes.

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