Poll Results: Are you worried about genetically modified foods?


We’re hearing a lot more about genetically modified foods these days. According to many media reports, shoppers are worried about GM foods.

Meanwhile, and an increasing number of products feature the non-GMO Project Verified label as an assurance that no messing with the product's DNA has taken place.

What do grocers think about this issue? In the latest Canadian Grocer online poll we asked your opinion. Here’s what we found:

A significant minority of our readers said genetically modified food is a percolating problem.

• 42% of you agreed with the statement that “Frankenfoods will be the next battleground in food.” You also said that you are educating yourself and your customers on the topic of GM foods.

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• 30% of readers said they are taking a wait and see approach. “I’m closely observing what happens in the U.S. as more testing and regulation is being proposed for GM foods,” you told us.

• But 28% of you expressed only mild concern, agreeing with the statement that the issue is “still under the radar among my customers” and that most studies have found that GM foods are safe.

We don’t argue with that last point. Studies do indeed say that GM foods aren’t dangerous. But as our poll found, grocers are hearing more about this issue and so are their customers. Stay tuned.

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