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Poll results: What kind of food inflation did you see in 2013?


Amid the arrival of Target and big buyouts of Shoppers Drug Mart and Safeway, one thing in 2013 remained the same as 2012: Little to no food price inflation in Canada's grocery industry.

Driven by deal-hunting shoppers and a hyper-competitive environment, grocery stores found it difficult to pass on substantial price hikes.

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No wonder that our most recent poll found little to no food price inflation this year.

In our poll, a resounding majority of you (81%) said that, on average, your business experienced flat food inflation.

Another 13% said you said food inflation was up two per cent or more, while four per cent of you experienced a one per cent gain in food inflation.

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If there’s good news it is that very few of our poll respondents (just two per cent) experienced food price deflation.

This week’s poll question: For next year, in which area will you be investing more heavily to increase consumer baskets? To answer, go to our home page. The poll is in the lower right corner.

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