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Poll results: Is your store dealing with abandonment issues?


The city of Kitchener, Ont. made news this past September when a municipal politician introduced a motion calling on city staff to find a solution to a large number of abandoned shopping carts littering the streets. Guelph, Mississauga and Ottawa are among the other cities in Ontario that have enacted bylaws that impose fines on retailers for carts that are picked up and impounded by city employees. But, are abandoned carts as big of an issue for grocers as it seems?

We asked our readers at

Are abandoned carts a big issue at your store?

  • 33% Carts go missing every so often, but it’s par for the course.

  • 27% They’re the thorn in my side. It seems like there’s constantly a cart gone rogue.

  • 24% Not at all. If a cart’s not in a corral, it’s with a shopper.

  • 16% Issue enough that I have staff keep an eye out for them in the parking lot.

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