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President's Choice to sell $1 beer for limited time

Buck-a-beer will be available starting just before the long weekend

In time for the Labour Day long weekend, Loblaw Companies Limited will sell some of its President's Choice beer for $1.

Starting Aug. 27, PC Beer bottled varieties, including PC Dry, PC Light and PC Cerveza, will retail for $13.20 for 12 bottles or $26.40 for 24 bottles (the price includes a 10 cent deposit per bottle).

Premier Doug Ford lowered the minimum price of a bottle or can of beer with an alcohol volume below 5.6% to $1 from $1.25. Many of the province's craft beer brewers have spoken out against the new minimum, saying there is no way for them to maintain quality and offer their products at that price.

Loblaw did not say when the promotion would end, only that it was running for a limited time.


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