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The proof is in the packaging

New study says packaging has a big impact on whether customers buy

Consumers are taught not to judge a book by its cover. But they’ll certainly judge a product by its packaging.

So says a new report from MeadWestvaco Corporation (MWV)–a global packaging company. "Packaging Matters 2015" looked at the attitudes of consumers in Brazil, China, Germany, France and the U.S. across food, beverage and personal care categories.

“Packaging plays a key role in brand perception, product trial and repeat purchase,” said Peter Durette, senior VP with MWV in a release. “Consumers in this year’s study indicated that brands are moving in the right direction in terms of how packaging is evolving.”

Durette added that nonetheless, consumers are looking for more when it comes to packaging, especially when it comes to function and safety.

“Brands, and their packaging partners, have a critical opportunity to build on this positive momentum with continued innovations that will make a real impact on satisfaction and behaviours,” he said.

Some key takeways from the report:

• 31% of global consumers consider packaging very or extremely important to overall satisfaction with consumer product.

• 37% of consumers have tried a product because packaging caught their eye.

• 57% of consumers say packaging influences them more when they make in-store purchases.

• 43% say packaging influences them more when shopping online.

Attributes with the biggest satisfaction gaps: packaging that is easy to reseal, keeps the product fresh, keeps the product safe and prevents spilling and breaking.

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