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Quality Foods launches updated app and website

The retailer's enhanced app features and platforms give consumers a seamless integration at the tills

Vancouver Island's Quality Foods has added some new bells and whistles to its mobile app and website.

The new website and app feature easier navigation and functionality, and put registration for all services into one customer account, whether customers are shopping online, in the store or from their mobile device or tablet.

“There is now much more consistency between the iPhone and Android apps and the website,” said Rob MacKay, marketing director at Quality Foods.

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Both the website and app were relaunched to mark the retailer's 31st anniversary this year.

The anniversary theme is “Making Shopping Fun for 31.” MacKay points out that  Quality Foods has been using technology to improve the  shopping experience for years, while still providing low-tech, old-fashioned service.

Quality Foods just completed a promotion called Select Save & Win. Customers who have the retailer's app could win their selected items simply by pressing “I Want This Deal”. When they shopped for the product at the store it was instantly deducted from their order at checkout.

During the promotion, consumers also had a chance to instantly win the selected item. Customers could see on their phones if they won the item, and if they did, it was automatically deducted from their final order at the tills, said MacKay, once again demonstrating the seamless integration that few retailers are doing.

The first version of the Quality Foods App was launched about two years ago.

At that time, there were several other grocery store apps. And while many of those showed weekly specials and store locations, and coupon-style offers, none were connecting their shoppers directly and seamlessly to the checkout, said MacKay.

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