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Quebec deposit system to cover all drink containers by 2022

The new program covers glass, metal and plastic containers including milk jugs
Shutterstock/Alphonse Mc Clouds

Quebec is expanding its deposit system to include all beverage containers, with the program getting under way by the end of 2022.

The new program will cover containers ranging from 100 millilitres to 2 litres, whether they are made of plastic, glass or metal.

That will include everything from wine bottles to water bottles and milk jugs.

The announcement today will change a system in place since 1984, which charges a deposit for beer and soft drinks, to a system based on container type.

Premier Francois Legault says the plan is to charge 25 cents for wine and spirits bottles and 10 cents for other bottles.

Legault says the goal is reduce the number of bottles and containers heading to landfills.

The announcement comes as the province attempts to navigate a waste-management crisis with four Montreal-area recycling plants shutting their doors.

The province says the companies that sell the products will be responsible for setting up the new system, with the government establishing targets and penalties if they're not reached.

The government says it expects more than four billion containers a year to be covered by the system.

Multi-layer cardboard drink containers will also be part of the deposit system as part of a second phase.

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