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Rabba donation to help feed 1,000 children

Toronto area grocer provided baby food products to a Mississauga-based charity that serves the vulnerable
MPP Rudy Cuzzetto (left) and Rima Rabba (middle) delivering baby food products to The Compass.

Who: Rabba Fine Foods and The Compass, a Mississauga, Ont.-based charitable organization that serves the vulnerable.

What: The grocer, as part of its Rabba Roots Community Program and in partnership with MPP Rudy Cuzzetto, donated enough product to help feed 1,000 children. The donation will be distributed through food pantries and meal programs to serve families with children at risk of hunger.

“Food insecurity is an extremely important issue, especially in our regions,” said Rima Rabba, spokesperson for Rabba Fine Foods, in a press release. “It’s become even more pressing during the pandemic and we’re doing everything we can to support the work of local organizations like The Compass and Mississauga Food Bank.”

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