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RCC makes food safety a priority

Creates Safe Food Forum in partnership with the University of Guelph and McGill University

Canada has a reputation for its high food safety standards, and Retail Council of Canada (RCC) wants to keep it that way.

The RCC has joined forces with the University of Guelph and McGill University to create what they are calling the Safe Food Forum – a group that will work to keep food retailers informed about innovations and challenges with food safety.

Dave Wilkes RCC’s senior VP of government relations and grocery division, says they are working with the two universities because they’re seen as the leading food safety schools in Canada.

“We’re excited for the collaboration because of the talent and understanding that is found in the schools, but also because of the creative approach they can bring to discussions,” explains Wilkes.

Wilkes says the governance committee that’s been established will start by doing a scan on emerging food safety trends on a global basis. They’ll then work to see how it can be applied to the Canadian food industry.

He likens it to past RCC’s initiatives, such as the FoodWise program or the Distribution Centre Warehouse Food Safety Program. After reviewing opportunities for growth, these can be translated into best practices and opportunities to be communicated to retailers.

While food safety is already taken quite seriously in Canada, Wilkes says working with educational institutions helps enforce the importance of food safety in the minds of the next generation of food industry professionals.

While Wilkes says the first initative of the Safe Food Forum is yet to be seen, but will be the result of its preliminary global scan.

“We’re building on a strong base, but you have to constantly be looking for opportunities to improve,” he says.

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