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Ready, set, shop! Amazon Go times consumers' shopping trips

Amazon exec says consumers are delighted to see how short their shopping trips are

Amazon clearly believes in the power of physical retail. It's evident in its 2017 purchase of Whole Foods, its move into the bookstore business and the recent rollout and expansion of its cashier-less convenience store called Amazon Go.

But, it also believes there are aspects to brick-and-mortar shopping that are in need of improvement -- long wait times at cash, for instance. Developing ways to improve those areas helps differentiate Amazon Go from other in-store experiences and gives time-strapped consumers a more convenient option. Through the "trip timer" tool on its app, Amazon Go even tells shoppers how many seconds they spend in the store per shopping trip.

"We saw it was a delighter for customers that they saw how quickly they shopped and how much time they saved," said Amazon Go's VP Gianna Puerini during a recent video interview with Yahoo Finance.

During the interview, which also includes a tour of the Seattle location, Puerini explained how the in-store technology works and why the company decided to focus on food for its cashier-less venture.

Take a look:

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