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Rediscovering a Toronto Sobeys

Grand reopening of Leaside location showcases a "Better food for all" makeover

Last Friday Sobeys held the grand reopening of its newly expanded Laird Sobeys store.

Previously an Urban Fresh, the Sobeys is now a full-service store with a "Better food for all" makeover. Through the renovation, the location grew 10,000 square feet, expanding its departments and offerings. At least 50 new jobs were created by the expansion.

Trevor Bartlett, Sobeys Ontario general manager, hopes customers will see it as a "choose your own adventure" shopping experience. From colour breaks in the produce section, to an HMR section featuring pizza, sushi and even noodles, shoppers are encouraged to take their time as they walk the aisles.

Creating convenience and giving shoppers lots of options was also a key aspect of the product offerings, said Bartlett. In the bakery section, for example, fresh loaves of bread can be purchased and eaten as is. However, if the customer wants to go an extra step, the packaging suggests heating up the loaf, giving instructions as to the best temperatures and times.

Take a look inside:

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