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Sears offering jobs and discounts to Target employees

Extends special offer to target Canada employees encouraging them to check Sears website for jobs

Sears Canada is reaching out to workers affected by the exit of American retailer Target from the Canadian market. Target announced on Thursday that it will close 133 stores across the country by early June, with 17,600 employees losing their jobs. Sears says it's extending a special offer to Target Canada employees and is encouraging those interested in job opportunities at Sears to visit its website. Beginning early next week, Sears says the site will publish information on special events regarding career opportunities such as local job fairs across Canada. In a statement on Friday, Sears says there will also be an open invitation to Target Canada head office employees for a meet-and-greet with Sears executives and human resources experts on Jan. 21 in Toronto. The retailer also says it will offer affected Target Canada employees the Sears Canada employee discount for a period of 16 weeks, beginning on Jan. 21.

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