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See what happens when coffee pods attack

YouTube video from Halifax highlights environmental impact of coffee pods

K-cups have done wonders for coffee sales in supermarkets. Consumers love them, but some also express guilt at the environmental damage of tossing used K-cups into the trash.

A new video called “Kill the K-Cup” on YouTube takes that guilt to extremes by depicting, in epic Hollywood style, an attack on a major city by aliens and monsters made from discarded K-cups.

The video, posted to YouTube last week has been viewed 73,600 times. It’s the brainchild of two Halifax firms: Egg Studios, a production company and Social Bean Gourmet Coffee Co., a coffee machine supplier.

The companies hope their video shows people how much garbage coffee pods generate.

“We had K-Cup, Keurig machines in our offices and we quickly realized that there was a lot of waste. Those pods aren’t recyclable,” Mike Hachey, CEO of Egg Studios, told the CBC.

In the two and-a-half minute video, a giant K-cup flying saucer shoots out K-cup bullets at citizens in the streets. In another scene, a monster made from discarded K-cups climbs over skyscrapers, wreaking havoc as people flee for their lives.

The video ends with a message: “Kill the K-Cup before it kills our planet.”

Hachey says the video’s intent is to send a serious message in a fun way.

Keurig, according to the CBC, has sent Egg Studios a letter saying that it’s working on developing recyclable K-cups.

Of course, some coffee brands are already starting to launch pods that are better for the planet, such as Beaver Rock Roastery’s recyclable pods featured at Grocery Innovations Canada last fall.

Take that, alien K-cups. (See the video below.)

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