Shoppers appreciate the kindness of strangers

Positive engagement between shoppers and staff is key to customer loyalty

Keeping shoppers engaged is the key to success, according to a new report. The Retail Feedback Group released their annual "2014 U.S. Supermarket Experience Study" this week. According to the study, 65% of shoppers say cashiers can have a positive impact on their trip. Shoppers also appreciate friendly customer service. If a staff member engages with a shopper in the aisle, offering product recommendations or helping them find items on shelves, they're earn customer loyalty. A few other interesting findings:

  • 41% of shoppers are looking for locally-sourced items
  • 78% of shoppers buy food items at farmers' markets at least occasionally
  • More than 75% of shoppers use money-saving measures during supermarkets visits
  • Only 50% of shoppers reported having had an issue resolved during their shopping trip
  • Shoppers connected with their stores through social media are more likely to recommend the store

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