Shoppers want more private-label products from Amazon: Study


Shoppers would like to be able to purchase more private-branded products on, according to a new study. polled approximately 1,000 Amazon shoppers, both Prime members and non-Prime members. The majority of respondents said they were comfortable buying Amazon branded products. Respondents also said they wished Amazon offered more categories of private-label products, including prescription drugs (9.3%).

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The survey also found that 43% of respondents say they no longer go to malls, though they shop at bricks-and-mortar stores five times per month; the average amount spent with Amazon each month is $120.45; and while 55.5% of respondents trust Amazon to store their personal information, only 37% trust Google.

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Additionally, of the Amazon Prime members surveyed, 73% said they joined the subscription service because of fast free shipping followed by TV and movie streaming (48%), Prime Day deals (28.4%), music streaming (19%) and free audio books (13.5).

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