Six holiday ads from across the pond

Watch some of the ads that European grocers have put together this year

It's that time of year when companies bring out the big guns to send messages of merriment and joy to shoppers. And grocers are no exception .

Here are a few grocery ads from across the pond that caught our eye this year:

1. Sainsbury’s, U.K.

This joyous Christmas musical created in stop frame animation features vocals by James Corden. It tells the story of Dave, a hard-working and devoted dad, who realizes that the greatest gift he can people this Christmas is his time.

2. EDEKA, Germany

 This German supermarket chain’s holiday ad also plays on the theme of putting aside your “to do” list in favour of spending time with your family. A woman’s voice in the background of the ad lists all the things she still needs to do, such as buy a tree and do the Christmas baking. But in the end, she admits that her family doesn’t need material things, and that it doesn’t matter if things are a bit amiss—family is the most important.

3. Lidl, Germany

Why mess with a classic? Euroepan discounter Lidl takes a traditional approach to its holiday ad, showing a family coming together to share some merriment around the dinner table. Lidl invites shoppers to share their own special holiday memories using the hashtag #LidlChristmasMoments

4. Aldi, U.K.

Aldi takes a more playful approach with its ad, featuring an ambitious carrot named Kevin. Lidl invites shoppers to follow Kevin on his quest to meet Santa.

  1. Tesco, U.K.

As much as we all enjoy the holiday season, let’s face it: there’s a lot of stress involved. Tesco is using the playful saying “bring it on” in its series of holiday ads, showcasing a couple overcoming all the obstacles the holidays bring, whether it be cooking a turkey, or accommodating a relative that visits a little longer than expected.

6. Marks & Spencer

Forget the Mrs. Claus you know—Marks and Spencer puts a modern twist on this much-loved character. This Mrs. Claus doesn’t wait around for her husband to come home after delivery gifts—she’s got other things she needs to do.

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