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Small but mighty: olives from Europe

Healthy and tasty, Spanish olives make the ultimate snack

It may be small in size, but the mighty olive packs an ideal mix of essential vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. Research has shown that the monosaturated fat found in olives is good for the heart, helping regulate cholesterol. Plus, these bite-sized beauties taste great too.

With olives, there are a variety to choose from. Whether it’s the plump, green Gordal, the firm black Hojiblanca or the little Manzanilla, these olives complement a milieu of dishes in addition to being a prime choice for a healthy snack.

When it comes to premium taste, Europe is a world leader in the production of olives and home to some 700 olive varieties. But Spain in particular—with its mild winters, hot summers and nutrient-rich soil—provides the perfect backdrop to make European olives truly world-class. In fact, Spain houses 16% of the world’s olive trees and is the largest producer and exporter of table olives to Canada and around the world.

The quality and accessibility of olives from Europe clearly resonate with Canadians. The continued (and increasing) importance of olives from Europe for Canadians’ consumption habits is borne out by the data. Eighty percent of olives consumed in Canada come from Europe and European olives from Spain have increased their share of the Canadian market from 42.8% in 2016 to 50% in 2020

Organic farming is increasingly common, and in four EU countries, olives are the principal organic crop. In Spain alone, organic olive production accounts for ten percent of the country’s total land dedicated to organic agriculture. Centuries of expertise, a willingness to develop and try new methods of production, come together to make olives from Europe an exceptional addition to your offering for consumers.

For more information, including some tasty olive-inspired recipes, visit olivesatyourtable.ca.

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