A smaller, better kale? Perhaps

Newest trending veggie combines kale and brussels sprouts

Hit movies tend to spawn sequels. Apparently so do hit vegetables.

Case in point, kale. The hottest item in the produce aisle these last few years now has an offshoot: kalette, a cross between kale and brussels sprouts.

Kalettes look like small cabbages with tiny kale-like leaves. The taste is sweet and nutty, and more versatile to use in the kitchen than either kale or brussels sprouts. Kalette, according to an article in The Telegraph, can be grilled, roasted or even eaten raw.

Developed by a British company, Tozzer Seeds, the new vegetable was initially called “flower sprouts.” But during the American launch last year the name was changed to capitalize on kale’s popularity.

The new moniker is apparently having some effect. Kalette sales have soared, and Fox News recently dubbed the kalette “the hot new vegetable of 2015.”

Read the full story here.

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