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Sobeys Quebec helps shoppers discover new brews

Sobeys gives added value to consumers with detailed beer flavour info

Sobeys Quebec has a launched a flavour profile system for the beer it sells in IGA stores to help consumers choose and discover new brews.

The flavour profiles were developed for IGA by Philippe Wouters, a beer expert and publisher of five-year-old bimonthly newspaper, Bières et plaisirs.

The profiles, which will appear on labels alongside beers sold at IGA, identify beer types by using a combination of seven colours (blonde, white, amber, red, brown, black and fruity) and eight sensations (smooth, bitter, sharp, acidic, tart, full-bodied, sweet and spicy). Customers can use the flavour profiles to choose beer that corresponds to their tastes.

“It’s really for consumers who love beer and want to discover more,” says Laurie Fossat, communication advisor at Sobeys Quebec in Montreal, of the flavour profiles.

“We’re not looking to increase beer sales with this,” Fossat says. While “increased sales may be a consequence, our goal is really to give an added value to our clients.”

Labels should be put on shelves for all beers “whether it’s Molson, Labatt or microbrews,” by the end of the week, she says.

The program will be described in this week’s IGA circular. As well, pamphlets (pictured) will be available in the stores’ beer sections describing the system.

“Your colour and your sensation equals your flavour profile,” notes the pamphlet, which also contains recipes and tips on what beer flavour profiles go best with certain foods, cheese or chocolate.

Wouters has also done three videos on the IGA web site that describe the flavour profile system, provide links between beer and chocolate and give tips on how to organize a beer tasting evening at home. By the end of the year, there will be 10 videos online covering various beer-related topics.

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