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SodaStream shows the convenience of homemade sparking water

First Canadian ad campaign looks to consumers think differently about drinking water

SodaStream has launched its first major marketing campaign in Canada, with an aim to educate consumers about its sparkling water maker and to get them  thinking differently about how they drink water.

A new 15-second spot, which is airing nationally in Canada, shows how the product works and how easy it is to make sparkling water at home.

“We think we’re just perfectly on trend with the way people are drinking today,” said Doug Pritchard, head of SodaStream Canada. “People are looking for healthier options and looking for different ways to drink more water. What we love about the campaign is it’s just a very simple way to that they can get fresh sparkling water every day at home. It’s a very straightforward ad, but it’s a bang-on message for what consumers are telling us.”

In the U.S. and other markets, SodaStream previously positioned itself as a cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternative to buying bottled or canned pop. (SodaStream also makes syrups and flavourings that can be added to the water.)

But, amid weak sales, the Israel-based company recently shifted its marketing focus to a health and wellness message.

“The environmental benefits of our product have not gone away,” said Pritchard. “That fact that you don’t have to recycle all these bottles and get this at home with tap water at the touch of the button is a key selling point. But, what we’re focusing on is really the health benefits of drinking more water and sparkling water.”

Pritchard said the shift came from an insight that two-thirds of SodaStream consumers use the device for sparkling water, not as a substitute for Coke or Pepsi.

“Carbonated soft drinks are declining and have been declining over the last four to five years… Consumers want to drink more water and they want their water to be a little more exciting and to have it in different ways.”

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