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Speculation starting as to who will take helm of Sobeys


Now that Sobeys CEO Bill McEwan has announced he will retire May 5, speculation is growing as to who will take over the retailer.

But whoever takes over, they will have big shoes to fill, say experts.

Many like marketing expert David Soberman says McEwan deserves much of the credit for turning the Maritime-based retailer into a national player in grocery retailing, according to an article in

The article said that Sobeys under McEwan’s leadership has been “very creative” and pointed to the retailer signing on with Target to supply grocery in its Canadian stores as an example.

Secondly, Sobeys acquired gas station outlets from Shell last year that is simlar to how grocery retailers in France operate, according to Soberman, and will be an opportunity to promote Sobeys and its private label Copmliments brand.

The FreshCo banner was also an example of McEwan’s innovative leadership style.

Experts wonder if a Sobeys family member will operate the company; other names that have come up as contenders include: executive vice-president François Vimard; Marc Poulin, currently president, IGA Operations in Quebec; and, Jason Potter, president of multi-format operations.

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