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Super C launches money-saving mobile app

Discount banner’s new app puts deals and coupons at shoppers’ fingertips


Metro’s Super C banner has launched a mobile app to help customers save money.

The new app features a section with $1-off coupons for popular products, with new ones being added each week. Customers can also access the Super C flyer containing weekly offers, receive push notifications for deals and promotions, and use the store locator. (Super C has around 95 stores in Quebec.)

For the Ontario market, the same features are available on Metro’s Food Basics app, which launched this past February.

The app is positioned as “a new way for the consumer to save money, and that goes well with our positioning of our discount banners in Quebec and Ontario,” says Gino Plevano, vice-president, digital strategy and loyalty at Metro.

In terms of research, Plevano said the team did a comparison of what apps were available in the marketplace, and looked at research from Metro, which launched an app in 2013. “We looked at usage and saw what people are engaging with,” says Plevano. “No surprise, the flyer and coupons are the big components that drive engagement from the consumer.”

In addition, there’s the aspect of novelty that’s needed, so consumers don’t just download the app and not use it. “From a grocery perspective, having flyers that are updated on a weekly basis and adding coupons so customers can come back and get new offers every week could drive repetitive usage of the app.”


Super C is targeting all customers for the app. “When you look at the usage of in the marketplace right now, it’s cut across all the age groups and revenue bands,” says Plevano.

“We think we need to be on mobile to capture the customer when they are on the move. We did this for the Metro banner back in 2013… and now we thought for Super C, it’s time for us to launch an app and capture that mobile audience.”

The app is being promoted in the weekly flyer and through promotional material in stores. “There’s a big push in the stores, and the cashiers are talking to customers about it,” says Plevano, adding that marketing for the app will ramp up in the coming weeks.

The app is available for iPhone and Android devices. has also been optimized for mobile devices.


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