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Supermarket heads to the cloud for paperless receipts

Booths supermarket chain in the U.K.

U.K. supermarket chain, Booths, is heading to the cloud with its cash register receipts.

The chain is using the eReceipts technology from Paperless Receipts software that allows the generation of electronic receipts to be sent directly to a customer’s cloud-based account.

The technology will also collect detailed data profiles on customers, allowing Booths to offer unique and relevant content, said a report. Customers would be able to analyze their spend according to categories, for example.

The retailer said the goal is to phase out paper receipts, which will save some 100,000 till rolls each year.

Unlike other technologies on the marketplace, the paperless system Booths uses doesn’t employ emailing receipts that clutters up inboxes; instead the software used stores data in a secure cloud platform.

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