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Surprising news about deal hunters

Price-sensitive shoppers aren't cheap and they spend more on groceries

Hands up all of you who think price-sensitive shoppers don’t spent a lot and don't make you any money.

Gotcha! New research from loyalty firm Dunnhumby USA finds price-sensitive shoppers often spend more per visit to the supermarket than average shoppers.

They are not the brand-switchers we often make them out to be either. Price-sensitive shoppers are actually more brand loyal, according to Justin Petty, Dunnhumby's vice-president of clients solutions, media and partnerships.

Dunnhumby, which works with Kroger in the U.S. (and Metro in Canada) found that millennials are particularly price-sensitive.

"They're one of the highest-spending groups and yet they're very price sensitive” Petty told Ad Age magazine.

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