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Sustainable beef production gets boost in Manitoba

New project will focus on farm-level research

The beef sector in Manitoba just got financial backing to support farm-level research and strengthen the sector's future.

The provincial and federal governments will be putting more than $3.1 million towards investing in research for sustainable beef production.

At the forefront of the project is Manitoba Beef Producers; the non-profit group will give approximately $100,000 per year in funding and in-kind support.

It was announced last Thursday during the Manitoba Beef Producers' annual meeting that the government and a group of industry partners will be starting a research program that will work on beef and grassland management.

"Working together with a focus on farm-level research will create valuable information for producers and result in the greatest benefits fro the long-term future of the beef sector in Manitoba," said Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Minister Ron Kostyshyn in a PortageOnline story.

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